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One-Step Rapid Saliva Swab Drug Testing Kit 6 in 1


This One Step Saliva Swab Drug Testing Kit is suitable for home or workplace use.


This is the only one-step lollipop style saliva test currently available.

The user simply sucks on the swab, rubbing it around the mouth for 30 seconds and the test procedure is complete.

Detects the 6 most commonly abused drugs in the UK: Cocaine, Cannabis / Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines and Methamphetamines.

CE Approved, ISO approved and MHRA registered for home use and self-testing.

Rapid results.  Accurate results are shown in 5 minutes.

Ideal for workplace drug testing.

Government Approved.

Detection Window 30 minutes to 14 hours

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This oral swab drug testing kit is a screening test able to detect substance abuse of the six most commonly abused drugs or medications in the UK – Cocaine, Cannabis / Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines and Methamphetamines.

Sometime these tests can also be called Saliva Drug Tests or Oral Fluid Drug Tests.  Ultimately, they are the same type of test utilising Lateral Flow Technology to provide the user with fast and accurate results.

This is the only one step saliva swab / oral fluid drugs test available.  No buffer solution required.  Complete the test in a single step and get results in 5 minutes.

Usage Instructions

  1. Remove the test device from the package only when ready to use.
  2. Pull the blue cap of gently to expose the collection pad.
  3. Hold the top portion of the test and place the collection pad in the mouth.
  4. Rub the collection pad gently against the cheek and tongue in a circular motion 10 times and then under the tongue for 1 minute.
  5. Hold the device for 5 minutes until the red liquid shows up in the window.
  6. Remove the device from the mouth when the red liquid reaches both windows.
  7. Place the cap back on and lay the test down flat.
  8. Read the result after 5 minutes

Why Use Saliva Drug Tests?

Historically, urine tests were favoured for drug screening however saliva testing via oral swab tests for Cocaine and Cannabis is becoming more common-place in the UK.  Now we can offer a one-step mouth swab test that requires no buffer solution.  Compared to urine based drug testing, the SAFECARE 6 in 1 Saliva Swab drug Testing Kit can be completed anywhere and provide accurate results in just 5 minutes.

What is a Saliva Drug Test?

A Saliva Drug Test/Oral Swab test is a lateral flow device specifically designed for the detection of illegal drugs.  These home testing kits provide a cost-effective and accurate method of screening at home.  They are now favoured by businesses who require workplace drug testing kits as they are generally cheaper than urine tests or those sent to a laboratory.

Who uses Oral Swab Drug Tests for Drug Screening?

There are many different usage scenarios for the application of Fluid Drug Tests from pre-employment screening of new recruits to spot-check testing within organisations and institutions.  They can be used by police forces for roadside drug testing.  They are used by the armed forces and many other specialist environments.

How sensitive is a drug mouth swab test kit? What can it detect?

There are several things that can affect the detection level including how much of the substance has been used and what the substance was.  The SAFECARE home testing kit can detect the six most common drugs in the UK, Cannabis/marijuana and cocaine

Habitual usage has been show to increase detection time.  Substances generally stay detectable for longer periods in frequent drug users than they do in infrequent users.

How quickly can it detect drug usage?

Saliva drug tests, or oral swab tests are generally faster than urine tests at detecting drugs.  They can detect if the test subject has taken illegal drugs within 30 minutes of ingestion making them ideal for roadside testing after road traffic accidents.  Substances aren’t retained by Oral fluid for long so it’s important to administer within the short detection windows.

How fast are the results of an Oral Drug Swab Test?

Compared to a urine test that would be sent to a lab, home tests provide a far more rapid and convenient solution.  You will get an accurate result in under 10 minutes that will show if the user has drugs present in their system or not.

Can you use Oral Swab Test Kits for Drugs at home?

Yes, these test kits are fully approved for home use and self-testing.

Can you use this test kit for workplace drug testing?

Yes.  This rapid test is ideal for affordable, rapid workplace drug testing at scale.


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