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Rapid Bowel Cancer FOB / Home Test

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The Wondfo One Step Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) Test is a faecal immunochemical test (FIT) with higher sensitivity and specificity than other products.  It uses the latest technology to detect microscopic traces of blood in faeces that may indicate a common malignant tumor, bowel cancer, gastric cancer, colonic cancer, or the indicator of an enteron ulcer.  This test is more accurate (50ng/ml) than most NHS FIT screening tests. The test is easy to use and provides results in 10 minutes.

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Did you know that 

  • The FOB test is used to detect microscopic amounts of blood in your faeces
  • Blood in your faeces indicates possible bowel cancer, bleeding ulcers or maybe something like a plies
  • The UK government use the FOB test to screen all people above the age of 55 for bowel cancer. 
  • In effect early detection and treatment can save lives
  • Current methods mean you have to send a stool specimen off and wait for  good 4 weeks for the results

When should you test yourself for FOB

  • If you suspect or worried that you have bowel cancer or blood in  your faeces
  • If you are
    • Above 50 years of age
    • Have had a change in bowel habit
    • Losing appetite
    • Losing weight
    • If someone in your family has had bowel cancer

Why our FOB

  • Our test is a rapid test 
  • It can be done at home without a visit to the GP
  • It utilises your faeces
  • It is more accurate and picks up smaller quantities of blood than the standard Govt FOB test
  • The results are reliable and accurate
  • They are available within 10 minutes

27 reviews for Rapid Bowel Cancer FOB / Home Test

  1. Scott Johnson

    Fast delivery very easy to use with clear instructions.

  2. Iestyn

    Very fast delivery and product very easy to use.

  3. Liam

    Easy to use and delivered quicker than expected. Would reccommend.

  4. Jonathan

    Great delivery and the ease of use with product

    Would Recommend

  5. Jamie

    Fantastic service and delivery. Easy to use and easy to follow instructions.

  6. Chris

    Great product with straight forward instructions and arrived the next day

  7. Lee

    Quick delivery. Great product very easy to use

  8. Shaun j

    Excellent product and fast delivery

  9. Sean

    Would highly recommend. Simple to use and next day delivery

  10. Matthew Muir

    Ordered and was surprised how quick it came arrived the following day, came with clear instructions and so easy to use. Would recommend!

  11. Scott Jones

    The delivery time was amazing. I Will 100% be utilising this service again in the future.

  12. Rod

    Great product and excellent service and delivery

  13. Andrew Pearson

    Self-explanatory instructions, speedy delivery

  14. Jack

    Fast delivery

  15. Liam Griffiths

    Good service item exactly as described

  16. Philip Smith

    Easy to use, arrived next day

  17. Gareth Cording

    Quick delivery,simple to use,would order again,many thanks

  18. M.powell

    Ordered late Friday, came next day! Hoping it comes back negative 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Shaun j

    Excellent product and speedy delivery. First time used one of these tests and was very simple to use

  20. Aled Pilliner

    Reliable product & quick delivery!

  21. Chris

    Great product, easy to use and quick delivery

  22. Ashley adams

    Simply product to use with fast delivery, recommended.

  23. Mark

    Excellent service and very quick delivery. Simple to use product with clear instructions.

    • info@firstsignlft.com

      Thanks Mark! We look forward to welcoming you back next time.

  24. Luke

    Nice and easy product to use, instructions were straight forward and delivery was fast.

  25. George tellem

    Very good service and delivery, instructions easy to use.
    Would recommend

  26. Tom

    Great product, easy to use and delivery was fast

  27. Thomas Griffiths

    Was really surprised how easy the test was to do with clear results. Will be ordering again.

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